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My FAvoritE AnimAl is PAnDA

我最新欢的动物是熊猫 If you ask me what my favourite animal.I can tell you pandas are my favourite.I like the pandas not only because they are one of the China's treasures,but also because they looks cute. Pandas are very fat a...

应该是my favorite animal is pandas. 英语中 不定冠词a/an+名词单数 或 名词复数 表种类。

my favorite animal is the panda.

应该是My favorite amimal is panda.如果你要用My favorite animals are后面要跟不同种类的动物,如My favorite animas are pandas,horses and elephants.像这样,希望有帮到你。

第一个是panda,英语中表示一类事物时要用单数名词; 第二个两种说法都可以,但要根据具体语境分析,如果对象是两个或两个以上的个体的话,就是they are,如果是单个个体的话,就是it's. 希望可以帮到你~~


My favourite animal is a dog or anything to do with the dog family. I love dogs. I also love their wild relatives, coyotes and wolves. The reason I love dogs so much is because they are loyal and they are man's best friend. I h...

My favourite sport is playing basketball My favourite animal is panda 在这里不需要加S,因为是喜欢一种,如果有很多种,则要加,但后面要跟几个。。。 is也要变为are

[1]My favorite animal is dog. I have a pet dog. I call her Alice. I like playing with her. Alice is 3 months old. It’s very small and lovely. It has big and round eyes. Every morning, I go to the park with Alice. It always foll...

My favorite animal My favorite animal is panda.I like them,because they're stupid but lovable.I think they can lift carefree in Wolong Nature protection area in Sichuan Provice.I like their superficial color with white and blac...


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