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My FAvoritE AnimAl is PAnDA

我最新欢的动物是熊猫 If you ask me what my favourite animal.I can tell you pandas are my favourite.I like the pandas not only because they are one of the China's treasures,but also because they looks cute. Pandas are very fat a...

应该是my favorite animal is pandas. 英语中 不定冠词a/an+名词单数 或 名词复数 表种类。

My favourite animal is pandas (因为熊猫是一种动物,所以animal 不加s. 或者My favourite animal is the panda (the panda指的是熊猫这类动物). 又或者Pandas are my favourite animal .(pandas不止一只,所以用are但是就算不管多少只熊猫...

My favourite sport is playing basketball My favourite animal is panda 在这里不需要加S,因为是喜欢一种,如果有很多种,则要加,但后面要跟几个。。。 is也要变为are

My favourite wild animal is panda,because them very friendly and lovely,so them is my favourite wild animal.Panda love eat bamboo.

my favorite animal is the panda.

用 is favorit animal 是最喜欢的动物, 要用单数。my favorite animal is panda . 然而,Pandas are my favourite animal . 要用复数


the 表示特指 the panda是特指一只熊猫,既然是你最喜欢的动物 就应该是一类 所以用panda就好了 但是可以加s的 pandas .希望可以帮到你

I like a lot of animals,but my favorite animal is the panda.She comes from China,why did I love her?Because she is very cute,but she was very shy.Her body stout like bears,but the first round tail short,black and white fur and ...


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