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It will BE hot tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句)

Will It be hot tomorrow?

Is it hot in summer? 精&锐&老@师&解&析

主系表结构的一般疑问句就是主谓倒装,把be动词放到最前面就行。注意大小写问题。 Is it hot

I do not want a hot dog。wants用的不对,I不是第三人称单数,应该用wan

Is it hot in shanghai?

is it either sunny or hot

Summer is hot. 一般疑问句: Is summer hot? 夏天热吗?

一般是把后面一个词提前,Can she see a hot dog on the table?别的b

can you have any water

Do you want to swim in the hot springs ? No, wo d


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