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I'Ll CovEr You 歌词

歌曲名:I'Ll Cover You 歌手:Various Artists 专辑:The Best Of Rent Live in my house. I'll be your shelter Just pay me back with one thousand kisses Be my lover, and I'll cover you Open your door I'll be your tenant Don't got much...

歌曲名:I’ll Cover You 歌手:The New Musical Cast 专辑:Rent - The Musical Over You Weather man said it's gonna snow By now I should be used to the cold Mid-February shouldn't be so scary It was only December I still remember the ...

歌曲名:I'll Cover You 歌手:Soundtrack 专辑:Rent (2005 Movie Soundtrack) Olivia Ong - I'll Get Back To You Album: Just For You I can tell you I'm not gonna hide But somewhere inside I get shy when you're around Cruising felling ...

这句话要放在情景中或是上下文中解释要准确些,单从这一句来看,cover有一些说法,如:无论如何(不管怎样),我都会保护(庇护、掩护、弥补……,防守)你们六个的,还有一说法就是cover your six相当于口语中说的cover your ass,不管怎样,我会...

Cover letter 就是类似于求职信一样。

i'll always cover your back 我会一直掩护你

So I'll have to cover this in the next class 这个句子没有错。 this代词 是指某个事情,某个问题。 下节课我会讲到/涉及这个问题。

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