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I will roCk you 歌词

i love rock and roll - BRITNEY SPEARS

Lollipop Luxury S-T-A-R/【歌手的姓(Jeffree Star)】 S-T-A-R (What?)/(什么?) S-T-A-R (Queen bitch)/(母狗) S-T-A-R I'm on ...

歌曲 Young and Beautiful 歌手 Lana Del Rey 英文歌词如下 [Verse 1] I've seen the world Done it all, had my cake now Diamonds, brilliant,...

差不多是楼上的意思,if you are the rock ,i‘crush against 即使你是坚硬的岩石,我也甘愿再次毁灭,即我甘愿飞蛾扑火

burring(Maria Arredondo ) Passion is sweet Love makes weak You said you cherised freedom so You refused to let it go Follow your faith Love and hate never failed to seize the day Don't give yourself away Oh when the night falls...


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