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I wAnt to mAkE A gooD imprEssion中各成分怎么划分?

你好!这句英文中成分如下表示: 主语:I 谓语:want to make 形式宾语:it 直接宾语:not to waste time希望能够对你有帮助,最后祝你学业有成,生活愉快!

I 主语 want谓语 to ask you some questions 宾语(这是个不定式短语,其中,不定式ask带了间接宾语you和直接宾语some questions) 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

that 引导的是宾语从句吧

First you should have a good preparation about your topic. When you want to talk or introduce something to somebody, your language should be thought twice. An attracive content is the essential, and together with you words, the fluency, logicality

I want to make it a good one for her我想给她做一个好的 I want to make it a good one for her我想给她做一个好的 I want to make it a good one for her我想给她做一个好的

1, make it clear2, made a mistake

在从句里(定语从句that has many books),that是主语,has是主语的谓语动词.where是一个副词,是不能充当从句的主语的.where只能引导一个地点状语从句,或者出现在特殊疑问句(询问地点的)里面.如,I like the place where people are very friendly.(where引导一个从句,表明主语people在那里[where]怎么了) 而上面那句话,that 既引导一个从句,又在句子里充当主要成分--主语.

make a good impression on 给某人留下好的映象.这是个固定词组(习语),英语中就是这么用的,on 这里不能被别介词替代,不然就不地道了!望对你有帮助!

have many interview experiences,and i think the self-confidence is one of the most important things at the interview.when i was not confidence on myself,the interview is almost fail.To a girl,maybe a good manners,decent clothes and well-cosmetic

a good impression is very important to every interviewees.howvery,what we can do to make a good impression.first of all, you must dress neathly and cleanly.as we all know, staffs can represent the company's impression.secondly,arrive to the



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