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I m hElpFul是什么意思

你好! I'm helpful我有帮助

I'm helpfu 我有是有帮助的。 我是愿意帮助人的。 I'm helpfu 我有是有帮助的。 我是愿意帮助人的。

i'm very helpful at home。 我在家很有用(我在家经常帮忙) helpful ['hɛlpfl] adj. 有帮助的;有益的


I think as a person ,one should be helpful to society. I am helpful because I can obey all the rules ,not causing any trouble. I am helpful because I am aware of the importance of environment and try to do what I can to protect...

在家里能帮上忙我也很开心 我很开心能帮家里做事 我在家里能帮上忙,也是很开心的。

Dear Worried,I have received your letter and I’m glad to give you some suggestions.First of all, don’t be disappointed. Many students find it difficult to write well. In my opinion, if you want to improve your writing, you can...

D... 我在找一个能帮的上忙的人。。。 找人。。用who 了。。。定语从句。。

个人觉得是D.Sure it was ——I'm sorry.That wasn't of much help.我很抱歉这没有多大的帮助。 ——Sure it was。And it was most helpful. 不,它有帮助,而且是最有用的那个。 Sure it was应该是Sure it was helpful.的省略

A 试题分析:考查交际用语:句意:--对不起,那没什么帮助。---哦,那当然是(有帮助的)。事实上,它是最有帮助的。” B. it doesn’t matter没关系,D. thanks anyway仍然感谢,这两项明显不对,也不能选C,因为of course not的意思是“当然没帮...


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