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How Do you FEEl now(根据实际情况回答问题)

答案不是唯一的 I feel happy【开心】/ excited【激动】/hungry【饿】/ thirsty【口渴】/tired【累】 等等

我感觉不舒服 : I feel sick, I'm not feeling well, I feel uncomfortable ; 上面三种都可以

你现在感觉如何? 加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

前者是现在进行时,后者为 how are you feeling 你感觉如何 一般现在时。


today is mother's day. i want to help my mother do some homework . first i want to sweep the floor and ,clean my bedroom,then i want to do the dineer for my mother.


how are you feeling意思比较狭隘 一般是指“你身体感觉怎么样、有没有不舒服?” how do you feel意思就比较大了 “你觉得怎么样?” 针对这个问题的回答你可以说 I feel cold.、 I feel terrible. 、or I'm fine. how do you feel+about+n. 可作为...

I am very tired ,because I have a lot of homework to do,besides,i have to finish it today 意思 我很累,因为我有很多作业要做, 而且要在今天完成

你是什么感觉? 你感觉如何?


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