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How ArE you FEEling now? I Am FEEling ( ). A

a happy feel 要后面跟形容词,只有A 是。


这两个句子说实话都是没问题的,因为它们巧妙的用了不同的主语: how are you feeling 主语是you, 所以表语为 are。回答: I am feel good/bad... how is your feeling 主语是 your feeling, 表语为 is, 回答: My feeling is good/bad..

Hello, how are you? Would be good to see you again Hello, where are you? I`ve been trying to reach you in vain The emotion`s written cross my face Like no rain drops in a sunny place All the people that you knew before Don`t se...

回答你今天感觉怎么样,你可以说: I'm feeling great/wonderful. (等等,形容词有很多种)--- 这是如果你今天感觉良好,很精神时所可以给的回答。 I'm not feeling good/I'm feeling sick. --- 这是如果你身体感觉不适,精神不振时所可以给的回...

I'm good/ok/not good/。。。。。 I'm feeling great/good/bad/sick/sad/ok/not good/tired。。。。。 后面感觉的词楼主想用什么自己换吧


I Hate U I Love U歌词及翻译 Feeling used感觉被利用了 But I'm但我 Still missing you还是想着你 And I can't而我依然不能 See the end of ...

how you feeling 你感觉如何 例句 1、How you feeling? I spoke to the doctor. 你感觉怎么样了?我同医生谈过了。 2、How are you feeling about your son going away from home to college? 儿子要离家上大学了,你的心情如何? 3、How are yo...

how are you feeling?I am feeling better. 你感觉怎么样?我感觉好多了。


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