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His nAmE is Jim.改为一般疑问句.怎么改?

把be动词提前,然后把剩下的按原来的顺序落下来,Is his name Jim?

his name is not jim.Is his name jim?Yes ,he is. No,he is not.

Is Jim younger than Tom? 把肯定句改为一般疑问句通常把be动词或助动词提前就可以

Is he Jim?

一般疑问句:Is this your computer game? 否定句:Those aren't Jim's books. 否定回答:No, this isn't. 特殊疑问句:What's your family name? What color is his notebook?

Is Jim cleaning his room? Yes,he is. No, he isn't

第一时间为你提供正确答案: Is the boy Jim? Yes,he is. No,he isn't. ************************************************************************** ^__^真心祝你学习进步,如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问, 另外如果你觉得我的回答对你...

Are Tom and Jim at home? Yes,they are./No,they aren't. Tom and Tim are not at home.

一般疑问句是 Is she playing with Jim ? 保证正确

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