www.ypnh.net > His nAmE is Jim.改为一般疑问句.怎么改?

His nAmE is Jim.改为一般疑问句.怎么改?

把be动词提前,然后把剩下的按原来的顺序落下来,Is his name Jim?

Is Jim younger than Tom? 把肯定句改为一般疑问句通常把be动词或助动词提前就可以

原句 昨天JIM喂了鸡 翻译 Jim fed the chickens yesterday . 否定句 Jim didn't feed the chickens yesterday . 一般疑问句 Did Jim feed the chickens yesterday ? 肯定回答 Yes , he did . 否定回答 No ,he didn't . 满意请采纳。

Is this jim' father? No,he isn't.

2.Did Jim clean his room yesterday? 3. No, i didn't. 4. How is your sister's weekend? 5. What did he do yesterday evening?

你好: Are you thinner than Jim ? No, I am not. 希望对您有帮助!

一般疑问句:Does Jim get up at six o'clock? 否定句:Jim doesn't get up at six o'clock.

Can Tom and Jim ride bicycles? 将情态动词can提前 一般疑问中就是将be动词或助动词 情态动词提前,动词变为原型就好了

there are jim's pens?       yes

一般疑问句 Would Jim's father like a hamburger 翻译:吉姆的父亲喜欢汉堡吗? 希望帮助到你,满意望采纳


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