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I am positive, diligent, optimistic, cheerful, people are happy to pay, do something thoughtful and flexible and efficient. I Yu University during learning results excellent, so has must of learning capacity, for post Shang of new knowledge, and new skills

where is the english teacher?

在老师们的帮助下,我的英语越来越好了With the help of my teachers, my English is getting better and better

他被公认为学校里最好的老师 He was recognized as the best teachers in the school

对于英语考试有作用必竟是一个专门研究怎么考英语的机构不过对于英语学习 我持保留意见.

By Mark Twain to enthusiastic and sincere love for readers to create a small hero Tom Sawyer and his group of junior partner. Tom Sawyer is a growing child, he was naughty, mischievous, yet good lovely happy to help others. He hated the church

Translation: (the book's content requirements: including writing skills, such as essay structure, use of transitional words; a variety of topics for writing and Pham Van; the best college entrance examination, nearly three years, the written expression

The first day of school students are overweight, they found a bow features : the legs are, because their backs are too heavy. having both her legs to the bending. Overweight, the school does not morning calisthenics, spirits, PE, and more than two

悬赏分有点少啊,不过好在题目简单,就帮你翻译吧.Hi, every one! I'm from Qiqiharer, Heilongjiang Province.I have been studying in China till Junior One.Then I came to Japan and have my middle life there.At first, many things shocked me when

On the contrary, I think that Japan have a need to learn from China's place. First of all, Chinese students very competitive, everybody study work very hard. Break all go to the playground to play, can change the mood. And in the school study time long



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