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1.I will go to play with Bob. 我将和Bob一起去玩. 2.He will have a sister. 不久他将有个姐姐. 3.She will buy a book. 她将买一本书. 4.In her will she left all her money to her children. 她在遗嘱中将其所有的钱留给子女. 5.They bear you no ill will. 他

Will you go to Beijing next week? 你下周将要去北京吗? I won't give you my telephone number. 我不会给你我的电话号码的.

1. I will do my best. 我将会尽力而为 visit: [ vizit ] n. 拜访,访问 v. 拜访,访问,参观 tomorrow: [ t'mru, tu'mru ] n.&ad. 明天 vacation: [ v'kein;vei'kein ] n. 假期,休假 vi. 度假 will: [ wil ] n.意志, 决心, 愿望, 遗嘱 aux.将, 愿意, 必须 will not 不要,不能 won't不会,不能

will的意思是将要,将会,在一般将来时中使用,造句:If I want to get good greads ,I will sudy more hard.如果我想要取得好成绩,我将要学得更努力.

Will you come to my house? Will you do the math homework? Will you help me? Will you go shopping? Will you take a picture for me? there will be more people in the future? there will be more cars in the future? there will be more polution in the future?

Will 表将来,句型为 Will + 主语 + 动词原形 + 宾语 + 其它.eg.Will you come? 你会来吗? Will he do it? 他会做吗? Will she tell other people

用作助动词 (aux.)I will do my best.我将会尽力而为.I will make sacrifices solely on your account.单单为了你,我也愿意作出牺牲.You will report to me afterward.你稍后要向我报告.

1 I will come back in two days.我将在两天后回来.2 He will come to see me. 他将会来看我.

will造句: ⑴I will kill you!我会杀了你!⑵Will you help me?你会帮助我吗?③What will you do?那你要做什么?⑷Will you help us?你能帮助我们吗?⑸Will we ever see you again?我们还会再见到你吗?will[英][wl][美][wl]n.愿意; 意志(力); [法]遗嘱; vt.决心要; 将(财产等)遗赠某人; 用意志力驱使(某事发生); vi.愿意, 希望, 想要; aux.将,将会; 会,要; 第三人称单数:wills复数:wills现在进行时:willing过去式:willed过去分词:willed相关单词:WiLLWill.


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