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Because cartoons are interesting,so I like cartoons very much.因为卡通片很有趣,所以我非常喜欢卡通片.求采纳,3Q~

His brother is a college student; so is mine.他弟弟是大学生,我弟弟也是 He used to have his further study abroad; so did I.他曾去国外深造过,我也去过 One of my friends can speak three foreign languages; so can his wife.我的一个朋友会说三门外国语,他的妻子也会.They are now preparing for their final examinations; so are we . 他们正在为期末考试作准备,我们也一样.

The girl is so beautiful that all people are looking at her.这个女孩这么漂亮以至于所有人都看着她.so..that:.以至于怎么样

I didn't eat breakfast this morning,so i feel hungry now.

I got up very early this morning,so I wasn't late for school.祝你进步!

有两个用法:一是sothatShe was so angry that she broke the TV.二是so that,意思是"以便,为了"或者"所以,于是"I fixed the TV so that we can watch it tonight.

so that是目的是 为了的意思 so that (中间分开的话)是如此以致的意思 你自己可以试着造句

Just so so.The quality is no good, so i won'.So it is;t buy itThis view is so wonderful

so + 形容词+ that 如此…以致He is so late that he miss the early bus.so that 以便 He got up early so that he could get the early bus

so easy 太简单了so cool 太帅了 just so so 一般般啦


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