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接下来我要唱一首歌”Next I want to sing a song"接下来我要唱一首歌”Next I want to sing a song"

你好!接下来我唱一首歌吧.Then I sing a song.

翻译为:接下来我要唱歌Next I want to sing

大家好,今天我给大家唱一首歌,god. is. agirl

英文原文:I want to sing an English song英式音标:[a] [wnt] [t; before a vowel; t; stressed; tu] [s] [n; n] [l] [s] 美式音标:[a] [wnt] [tut] [s] [nn] [l] [s]

I will sing a song that name is

唱首歌 sing a song更多释义>> [网络短语] 唱首歌 Sing A Song;sing the song;Sing songs 唱这首歌 Love Song for You;Sing this song;sing the song 怎么样唱这首歌 What about sing this

Hello,teachers! My name is I'm from Class 3. My favorite subjects are English and Chinese. I love singing and sports. I like small animals and I have many good friends. I think English is very important, and speaking English can make me happy! Next I will sing a song. I hope you will like it.

接下来,由我们为大家表演和唱歌Next, we perform and sing for everyone.

英文经典歌曲《my heart will go on》


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