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英语作文i'm hElpFul At homE

Hello everybody. I’m helpful at home. I can do some housework. I can sweep the floor,make the bed and clean the bedroom. You see,my bedroom is clean an d beautiful. I can empty the trash and water the flowers. So you know,my pl...


把can改成be动词:is 改正后:He is helpful at home. 意思是:他在家很帮得上忙。 helpful是形容词,表语,前面需要接一个系动词be,不可直接跟在情态动词(can,could,may,might,would,should,must,need等)后

C He is helpful at home . helpful 形容词 He 单三

用 are,字面意思是 莎拉和陈洁在家有用,应该是帮忙做家务的意思

系动词am后跟形容词做表语 意思是 在家我很有帮助的


在家有帮助”是比较错误的译法, “friend”是“朋友”,加了s表示是复数; “at home”可以理解为“在家”,也可以理解为“在国内”; “help”是“帮忙”,加了“ful”这个后缀,变出的新单词的意思可以是“有用的;能帮上忙的;帮了好些忙的;乐于助人的”等等。...

firstly we should make a plan everyday according to the plan we should finish it everyday if you are a student you should study hard and widen your knowledge if you are a clerk you should widen your skills and professional know...

Is she helpful at home? 她在家里帮忙吗?


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