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英语作文,My onE DAy 是在暑假中我的一天,要翻译,

I have a nice day in my summer holiday.在暑假里,我度过了完美的一天。This morning,i get up early.今天早上,我早早起床。I make the bed.我整理床铺。Then,I have breakfast with my parents.然后,我和我父母一起吃早饭。They go to wor...

有很多种说法,不知道你要表达哪一种: 1、My day! 2、One day of mine! 3、My dailt life!

One Day This is my one day .On this morning I paly soccer with my classmate .On this afternoon I go to the movie with my friend I think I see an interesting movie .On this night I do my homework by 10 o'clock .I think I spend a...

My family and my friends and my school one day and I I am a really a galaxy of talents: her mother is a labor expert, said his father was a master joke, my brother is a sleep expert, and I do, hey, really sorry to say it, I put...


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