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39 - Hello everyone, my name is Weng Maosheng. My English name is Ryan. I am 18 years old. I am from a small county town in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. I graduated from the First Middle School of Lead Mountain County. Now, I am studying at

英语自我介绍 100 字 Hello,everybody~My name is **,I am from jiangsu and I am a-17-girl in senior high school.I love reading and listening to music in my spare time and sometmes I

Hello, my name is , I am years old, my biggest interest is sports, I like running, basketball, surfing the Internet I like about you? Primary school, I often participate in the school choir, but also the winning schools, teachers are like me, often praised me

自我介绍是生活中与人认识,交流的重要途径,用英文来做自我介绍也渐渐普遍起来.以下是学习啦小编为你整理了英语自我介绍带翻译,希望大家喜欢. Good morning, everyone! My Name is Lu Xin.

Hello Everyone, My name is Xiao Ling from class four Grade eight, I'm 14 years old.大家好,我的名字叫小玲,来自八年四班,今年14岁.I'm an outgoing girl. I really like making new friends. And I also like sports, though I am not quite good at them

i have a dream.i have a dream.my dream is to be a sport player.i think sport player is a good job to make a lot of money ,and i can become very rich .when i become rich ,i will do lots of things ,for example,i will buy a big house with graden for my

Dear teacher, classmates, you good.My name is XXX, the name may have heard, maybe someone is very strange, but today the introduction, I will let you know me, know me. I was in September of this year to XX high school, graduated from XX


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