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英语语法 woulD怎么用

可以是will的过去式,也就是过去将来时 可以是助动词中的情态动词,或虚拟语气

Would you like + 物? Yes, I would. Would you like to do ...? Yes, I'd like/love to. Can I help you? Yes, please.

虚拟语气涉及有should.would.could.might等词的用法一般在非真实性条件状语从句中使用 1.与现在事实相反的情况: if+主语+过去时+其他+主语+should/would/could/might+do+其他 2.表示与过去事实相反的情况: if+主语+had done +其他+主语+should...

不定式符号to不可省略。 意思是回答的时候省略到to, 比如want to, hope to, try to, expect to...


would的定义 动词 (expressing the conditional mood) indicating the consequence of an imagined event or situation. "he would lose his job if he were identified" expressing a desire or inclination. "I would love to work in Prague"...

加to do,相当于want

植物由于照顾不周和某些疏忽,开始枯萎凋谢,我根本做不了什么来救活它。 nothing I did would bring it back to health. i did 是nothing的定语。 bring sth back to health,使什么恢复健康,焕发生机。

would never have done 的意思是 本不会做某事(实际上已经做了),例如: If she didn't see what happened that day, he would never have killed her. 要不是她那天看见发生了什么,他永远也不会杀了她.

should/would/could这些词本身就是助动词,用在委婉语气中,shall/will/can这些词相对更强硬 虚拟语气中也是用should/would/could 当然shall/will/can的过去式也是用should/would/could 你这里就是一个委婉语气的意思,用shall语法上没有问题,...


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