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besides是在范围内的除了,一般译为“而且,另外”,如:Besides Betty, Tony and Jack get the first prize.也就是说三个孩子都得了一等奖。 except是在范围外的除了,一般译为“除去”,如:Except Betty, Tony and Jack get the first prize.也就...

worry [英][ˈwʌri][美][ˈwɚri, ˈwʌri] n.烦恼,忧虑; 担心; 撕咬; vi.担心,焦虑; 为…发愁; 撕咬; vt.使烦恼; 烦扰; 撕咬; 第三人称单数:worries过去分词:worried现在进行时:worrying过去式:worried

discuits families elephants chips wolves heroes babies people mice/mouses geese 1. are 2. is 3. are 4. are 5. are 6. is 7. are 8. is 9. is 10. are 11. are B,A,B,C

Beautiful Campus My university is more than a school, it is a home away from home. It has not only granted me the opportunity to better myself in preparation for my future, but has given me the resources and memories that will ...


我曾是个悲观主义者。去年,我妈妈中风后进行了脑部手术。我的世界天翻地覆,我不知道自己能做些什么来缓解她的痛苦。每当我一个人的时候,泪水总是盈满眼眶。 上个月,爸爸送我的18岁生日礼物——一个珍贵的手表——不见了。好几个晚上我都睡不着觉...

一:Jack is seven years old. He can do many things by himself. He can smell w ith his nose. He can use his hands to pl ay basketball. He can enjoy the deliciou s food with his mouth. In fact, he is pro ud of his sense of taste....

注意了!这里在eighteenth and last lesson 前面有一个the,也就表示都是描述的一个事物,所以说应该用be动词的单数过去式,懂了吗?不懂和我联系

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1. Whose bike is this? 2. How does the new Math teacher look like? 3. Is there a computer in your room? 4. May I have your e-mail address?


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