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1.Julia is very clear.in fact ,i doubt whether anyone in the calss has _B__IQA.high B.a higher C.the higher D.the heighest2.Dear students,please read every sentence carefully.___you are,___mistakes,you`ll make 选BA.the morecarefully,the fewer B.

15.B (定语从句修饰river)16.B(定语从句中作宾语,其实that也可以用的,只是which更好点)17.B(定语从句修饰university)

Lee the more of an only daughter, so parents very painful she, the home of all arranged by their parents. But since high school, has always been spoiled her can't adapt to the life of independent high school, she is very distressed.This situation is not

一般不用 a thing 习惯上用 something如果实在要强调【一件】就用 one thing有事想说用一般现在时就可以了告诉你用tell you ask you是问你 的意思knots你做了some一些中国结所以要用复数形式推荐翻译:I have something to tell you. I have made some Chinese knots.

1.on 2.down 3.to 4.to 1.can you write down your name on the blackboard? 2.Why don't we go to visit the museum? 3.Are there anyone else go with you? 4.Teacher told you talk about the contents of the meeting to us.

1. way表方法或道路,并不表地点,不能用where,可用which或that.2. In addition, you had not told me when the bar closed. One boy is climbing the table, and another is drinking water. For the reason of heavy rain, I decided to go home first. The

67.部分用what 提问的句型: What size do you want? What will you do with the problem? What's the population of China? What day is it today? What's the date today? What's the price of this one? 68.there be部分用法:1There is only a






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