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人一简单就快乐,一世故就变老。保持一颗年轻的心,做个简单的人,享受阳光和温暖。生活就应当如此! ------ You'll be happy if / when you live a simple life ; You'll be old when / if you focus on dealing with others. So to be young, ...

一种最简单的翻译: The attachment is the signed offer confirmation. 或者是:The attachment is the offer confirmation with signature.

Please inform me when the payment has been done, thank you. 付款后请告诉我,谢谢 When will be the best time in this week for your company to process the payment? 请告诉我贵公司可以在本周几付款? 我上面两个是比较正式书面的回答,...

I have little information as regards her fitness for the post. 翻译:至于她是否适合这个岗位我不甚了解

A cooking demonstration of simple but healthy meals using fresh vegetables was one of the highlights of the various workshops offered by more than 30 local non-profit organizations. 一个简单而健康的膳食以新鲜蔬菜烹调示范是由30...

The future you will definitely be grateful for the struggling efforts made by the present you.

she is not only kind but also friendly, and she often plays games with me . 【我是高一学生,望采纳】



口语点的说法: I've already sent you a friend invite on QQ, please go check. 在这里用 confirm 太正式了。 呵呵,又碰见你了。自己翻译的,希望对你有帮助。


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