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“ Will you approve of goods to be sent by air and the relevant expenses be borne by you?" 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

We have been facing out of stock, please arrange air shipment as soon as possible and cost should be borne by your (because it is caused by your delivery delay)

考虑到您的订货数量,我们建议您使用空运。 翻译为:Considering the quantity of your order, we suggest you had better use airlift

It's too expensive to ship this machine via air.Have you purchased other commodities in China and would you like to choose the LCL export service? If so, please give us a delivery date and we will ship the cargo at that date.

air freight 指航空运费 airlift (紧急情况下)空运物资 air transportation 空运行业 deliver by air空运交货 air express空运包裹,空运快递

Dear Customer As my understanding on your former mails, You want we put the air freight charge in the PI of sea freight charge, and the air shipment goods PI marked “Freight Prepaid”, right? If yes, I made two PIs for your conf...

For all the air transport orders of us, they can only be transported by air after our confirmation of completing manufacturing. Thank you very much for your support of my work. Thank you. 如满意,请采纳。谢谢。O(∩_∩)O~

1.这种材料的体积太大了,有空运很不划算。 The size of this type of material is too big; it is not worthwhile to send by air freight. 2.我以前的公司是做女鞋贸易的,经常和巴西人打交道 My previous company is dealing in lady shoes, ...

Please transport the goods to Shanghai by air and mail the invoice listing freight to my company.

航空货运率:术语:基于 产品:资质单位(M / OD.DL.13E1C3.US60Hz农民)。 HS编码:8418699090 VALU 15000美元的商品: 数量和重量和总消退:1 pc / 0.62 m³/ 92KG 6件/ 2.11 m³* 6件/ 400公斤* 6件 氢/ C美金的申请费。 私立或费用:$ 45元 ...


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