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翻译为: Note: Does the first item need other supporting accessories? If so, need we additionally purcase them ? Please offer the quotation if they are needed.

虽然这两个单词的意义很接近,但翻成英语还是有区别的。 幻觉:illusion 错觉:delusion The difference here is that illusion is an imagined vision but delusion means you are fooling yourself about what you see/or what is happening. ...

What+形容词+名词+(后缀)! How+形容词+sth is(are)! 所以这个就是WWhat beautiful flowers they are! How beautiful the flowers are!

My hometown is evry beautiful, there are many views. there are many special products of hometown, like Ya Mu Nian, Fu Ru Bing and so on. 特有名词,直接用中文就可以,请采纳,谢谢!

paddle n. [航海] 宽叶短桨;桨状物;搅拌金矿的铁器,类似铁铲的工具;洗衣板,扁板 vi. 涉水;趟水;用桨划船;荡桨 vt. 用浆划动,用船桨推动(船只);搬运,运输;拍打;搅拌 划浆; 桨叶; 开关; 桨 复数:paddles 过去式:paddled 过去...

BDDDD CBBBA Monkey King plays tricks Almost all Chinese, young or old, have heard of the Monkey King. The Monkey King charater 1 " Journey to the West", a book written by Wu Cheng'en in the Ming Dynasty. The 2 tells what happen...

之前的明显是翻译工具的,,,一点也不通顺,,,应该是:The gap has reached as high as 90 percent degree for those high-quality talents who are capable for Chinese-foreign language translation.

I hope all of you can take an active part in it. 哪里错了?

He likes playing basketball.或He likes to play basketball. 这里有两个固定搭配: like doing sth. like to do sth. 望采纳。

你听说过“生存假期”吗?在这个假期中孩子们去人少的地方做令人兴奋的活动。现在大概有1100家公司被批准带孩子们离开他们的父母去美好的户外场所。 人们喜欢“生存假期”的原因是他们认为接近自然对孩子们有好处。许多在大城市里的孩子成天都在看电...


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