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2、 Today's sunshine is so beautiful that I really enjoy it. 3、The rock over there is too heavy to move it. 4、The rope is enough long to go from this tree to that one. 5、Judy ran so quickly that no one could catch up with he...

Everybody is good! My name is li hua, I am a high school student from China, I can communicate with foreign friends is very convenient, I saw you on the Internet of international organization will be held in Singapore summer ca...

repaired TV 和 repair之间是被动关系,故用repaired

你一天记牢五个单词就够了,并且少抄多读,读了又背,教你个技巧:beautiful把它分为三部分:bea uti ful,慢慢记,多读,读顺口溜似的。

手工翻译,保证准确! Angel, I've watched your video many times. The more I watch it, the more interesting it is. I almost watch it every day.

1 在那场灾难数十年之后,人们仍然不是很清楚是什么导致了泰坦尼克的沉没。 2 在那时,虽然她不是唯一一艘已建造的最大的游轮,但却被是为不可沉没的,因为她有16个防水密封舱。 3 在示以警告之后,这艘大船来了个急转弯来避免直接的碰撞。 4 弃...

People is easily gettign accustomed to eating junk food, which has inherent disvantages, leads to protencial disease.

Why I was IGNORED every time sending a twitter。。。 为什么我每次推特的时候都被无视。。。

1 astraunt 2 pollution 3 environment 4 planets 5 peace 6 fewer less 7不确定 8 survants 9 danger 10 impossible 11 singing 12 saving 13 studied, will be 14 same, boring 15 will have 二. 1 take train to 2 will write a letter 3 Wil...


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