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I love you since I like you after translation或者I've translated since I liked you

It is a must for us to make the payment in US Dollar? Whether can RMB be accpeted? Would you pls. write down the message given below the picture in Chinese?

很难理解,因为:1.没有上下文,不知道 either 指什么。2. overmap 查不到,是否打错字?

3.It is interesting to note that some of the latest micro-processor-based equipment is now able to monitor itself during operation and also transfer to a spare circuit incorporated within the unit should a failure occurs. 很有...

you can go to china in 7 or 8th ,I can take you to see his concert and see his fans ,but could you speak English? 百度翻译死全家!


How many shells have you been collecting?我也不确定吧。。。


Love died in the end, he wrote You spark in his poems You opened the lock on his heart, and he promised to sing for you for a life long time Wish heartbeats on collapse of time I witness eternity here

你好, Convehtional thinking in suggests that what sets a sereaml apart from other sounds is its loudness or high pitch. 情感上的思考表明,与其他声音不同的是,它的响度或高音。 Luc Arnal and his team examined a bank of sounds co...


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