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英文歌曲,高潮是i try i try

我也在找啊,不是trouble is a friend,不是pink的try,也不是henry的trap,找了几个月了TT


歌名trouble is a friend 歌词 Trouble will find you no matter where you go oh oh No matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow oh oh The eye of the storm wanna cry in the morn oh oh You're fine for a while but you start to l...

In And Out Of Love - Armin van Buuren&Sharon Den Adel See the mirror behind in your eyes 看到镜子中你的眼睛 See the truth behind your lies 看穿你谎言背后掩藏的事实 Your lies are haunting me 你的谎言都纠缠着我 See the reason...

你好,其实很简单 教你个方法,电脑上你再放这视频然后用识歌软件 里面有一个听歌识曲。

Everytime ,布兰妮的那首?

Try-Colbie Caillat 看看是不是。 http://music.163.com/outchain/player?type=2&id=28639182&auto=1&height=66

就是try---colbie caillat

lovestoned的 bye bye bye when i see you looking back at me watching this eye still do your fingers and your eyes have told thousands lights but i cant tell this time what you really meant we've been crossing the wires and still...

Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars Oh yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Oh yeah yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Ooh! 噢 Oh yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Oh yeah yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Ooh! 噢 Never had much faith in love or miracles 从未对爱情或是奇迹有任何信仰 Never wanna p。


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