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以l'm hElpFul写一篇英语小短文

I'm helpful I like helping others and get along very well with people. Last Wednesday ,when I was on my way home saw an old woman fell down ,I went quickly and helped her stood up. She looked ill,I said:"Are you OK,grandma?" Sh...


I think as a person ,one should be helpful to society. I am helpful because I can obey all the rules ,not causing any trouble. I am helpful because I am aware of the importance of environment and try to do what I can to protect...

i'm very helpful at home。 我在家很有用(我在家经常帮忙) helpful ['hɛlpfl] adj. 有帮助的;有益的

Dear Worried,I have received your letter and I’m glad to give you some suggestions.First of all, don’t be disappointed. Many students find it difficult to write well. In my opinion, if you want to improve your writing, you can...

I'm helpfu 我有是有帮助的。 我是愿意帮助人的。 I'm helpfu 我有是有帮助的。 我是愿意帮助人的。

个人觉得是D.Sure it was ——I'm sorry.That wasn't of much help.我很抱歉这没有多大的帮助。 ——Sure it was。And it was most helpful. 不,它有帮助,而且是最有用的那个。 Sure it was应该是Sure it was helpful.的省略

在家里能帮上忙我也很开心 我很开心能帮家里做事 我在家里能帮上忙,也是很开心的。

I am helpful I am a helpful girl,because i often help my mom do some housework.There is a big house in my family,and my parents are all busy with their work.I come back home earlier than my parents,and i know that they are tire...

后面可以加material 材料 helpful material (有用的材料) 说明: material n. 材料,原料; 素材; 布,织物; 适当人选;


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