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A1.表示时间 意思是自他离开军队到现在有10年了D2.表示除了床他卧室什么都没有,there is nothing ..but固定搭配A3.后面有is 所以不能选B、D,根据字面意思为离开前不要忘记关灯是十分重要的

直接改了你对着看一下1. She is not only a good singer, but also a good dancer. 2. I don't know how to solve the difficult problem, nor does she. 3. Not until I began to work when I realized how much time I had wasted. 4. It was just at this restaurant

left 留给

It has been eulogised in innumerable literary works,paintings and inscriptions since its founding during the qin dynasty . 自从清代建立以来,它(具体指的是什麽应该在上文出现过)就出现在无数的文学作品、画作和题铭里,一直为人所称颂.

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1.well2.play3.terms4.worries5.monitor6.begin7.ready8.promises9.best10.swimming11.ride12.help13.promise14.make15.to teach1.student2.many3.them4.tells5.to6.English7.says8.well9.interesting10.classes

Hello everyone, this is my class report: The January in this year is very important and worth me to expect. The metal band"Nightwish" come from Finland, their first new

1, No2. It's intelligent3. Washoe4. She is clever and working hard5. She made signs with her hands6. She's hard-working.7. about 300 words8. She make sentence also.A chimpanzee is probably not the most beautidul animal in the world, but it's

1 - Container 20 ' content bottles (finish product with our labels) to . CIF Santos, Brazil - check total capacity20英尺的集装箱,内装瓶子(成品印上我们的标签),CIF巴西桑托斯港,检查总容量. 2 - Contain

Bridge in the development of human civilization occupies an important page, it appears the transportation history of mankind had a tremendous impact. But no doubt, people enjoy the convenience of traffic movement, the bridge project faced and



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