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cry on my shoulder --Bonnie Raitt If the hero never comes to you如果你的真命天子仍未来 If you need someone you"re feeling blue如果你情绪低落需要有人陪伴 If you"re away from love and you"re alone如果你离爱遥远,孑然一人 If you c...


lucky -----lucky twice 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

CPH girls - Christopher Them girls, they got it Oh oh, they got it Them girls, I love it I, I, I love it Yeah, I don't get where they from (we're from, we're from) Cause they all know what I want (you want, you want) Baby, ...



apologize ? free loop ?

fio rida的whistle

die young ke$ha的歌。

中文名称:知更鸟 演唱歌手:Eminem 发行时间:2005年4月25日 所属专辑:《Encore》 Yeah I know sometimes things might not always make sense to you right now 我知道有时候有些事情对你来说没有道理 But hey, what daddy always tell you? ...


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