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want to do sth.feel like doing sth.would like to do sth.wish to do sth.be willing to do be thirsty to be dying to do sth. be keen on (doing) sth.

英语表达“我想……(做某事)”有哪些说法?I want to ; I 'd like ;还有其他说法么?(1) I want to do sth (2) I would like to do sth (3) I intend to do sth (4) I feel like doing

want to do sth.would like to do sth.feel like doing sth.wish to do sth.eager to do sth.long for doing sth.

想要做某事 want to do sth would like to do sth,feel like doing sth 开始做某事 begin to do sth,start to do sth 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

想要做某事 want to do sth.onesmart 肖老师

想要某人做某事 want someone to do something

渴望的英文短语:dying to;thirst for; long to;be eager to;be desperate for. 1、dying to 英 [da tu] 美 [da tu] 渴望;港人渴望;迫切 i'm dying to realize all my life dreams! 我渴望实现我所有的人生梦想! 2、thirst for 英 [θst f

want to do 想要做某事 be happy to do高兴/喜欢做某事 be ready to do准备/乐意做某事

want to do sth.be going to do sth .EP:I want to go to the shcool\我想要去上学I am gonging to shopping 我打算去上学

need to do something


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