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作为名词: 请假单: Asking for Leave 或 Note for Leave作为动词 请假:apply leave 或 ask for leavee.g. I will ask for leave and see the doctor this afternoon.I have applied for three days' leave

ask for leave是请假下班是go from work ,knock off加班是 work overtime 查看原帖>> 满意请采纳

① 我想请个假 ?>> May I ask for a leave? 这句话不太用到.我目前在单位里实习,还没有见过谁用过这个词. 这里的单位,有谁请假都会用一个缩写词 PTO / personal time

Help oneself for a accident

要请假几天的英文:Take a few days off few 读法 英 [fju] 美 [fju] adj. 很少的;少数的;几个 pron. 少数 n. 少量 例句1、Only a few of my friends were informed about it.这件事只有我的几个朋友知道2、It's easy to while a few hours away in a

ask for leave

一、假条的上方应该按照正式的格式写上如下信息:to:假条是递给谁的 from:请假人 date:写假条的日期(注意不是请假的日期) subject:写上请假字样 二、在假条的最后一段,应写上您希望获得准假的句子,或者具体等候答复的时间.例

“请假”作为一个动词短语,可以用"to ask for leave" 或者"to take leave"表达. “请病假”是"to take sick leave" 或"to take medical leave",“请假条”是"an excuse". Best wishes!

asking for leave(请假条) to: teacher from: xx(your name) date: april 15th, 2008 i am sorry! i'm sick today. i can't go to school!but i will study by myself!i hope i will be fine soon and go to school! 希望帮到你!



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