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My Love歌词 歌手:Westlife(西城男孩) an empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart, i'm all alone and the rooms are getting smaller. (bridge) i wonder how, i wonder why, i wonder where they are, the days we've had, th...


来特狗:Let it go 其他的看不懂

keep moving Adam的 很适合做手机铃声哦

loving you! 采纳我的吧。。

Lovers On The Sun——David Guetta ft.Sam Martin 望采纳!


A time for us, someday there'll be 总有一天,会有属于我俩的时光 When chains are torn by courage 当锁链被勇气穿破 Born of a love that's free 从中而生的爱情必然是自由 A time when dreams so long denied can flourish 梦想被否定的时...


I never felt nothing in the world like this before Now I'm missing you And I'm wishing that you would come back through my door Why did you have to go You could have let me know So now I'm all alone Girl you could have stayed B...


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