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求人翻译一句英文 谢谢了

这两个都是一个视频啊? And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers。 我将怀着极大的仇恨和强烈的愤怒,打倒那些要囚禁和杀死我兄弟的人。 出自Pulp Fict...

Oak barrels have been used as the winecontainer long before by people. They could even date back to Ancient Ages. Theoak barrels have run a long long history about nearly thousands of years. Theworld-famous wine brands, such as...

一种最简单的翻译: The attachment is the signed offer confirmation. 或者是:The attachment is the offer confirmation with signature.


Your appearance will always bloom in my shattered soul。

我们每个人都有自己的理想,我们每个人都一直为完成自己这个理想而努力奋斗。并且是理想让我们充满希望,拥有激情和动力,想着心中的目标奋进。在我的心中当然也有一个一直鼓励着我成长,激励着我前进,给我希望的,那个理想…… 我的理想是做一名...

你好! 受尽了苦难和折磨,到处受人欺凌 Suffering and torment, being bullied everywhere

life is always like this, right? Either you know what you want, but you can't get it, or you don't know what you want after you get it

the tear fall from many people's eye because of him



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