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Jack has a brown cat.(否定回答)No,he doesn't. Lily goes to bed errly every day.(否定回答)No,she doesn't. His friend plays vollerball.(肯定回答)yes,he does. l watch TV in the evening.(否定回答)yes,you do. Mr Zhang often cheans his car.(肯定回答) yes,he does.

1. b2. a3. b4. c5. a6. d7. c8. a9. a10. c

1. B. at that moment 2.D. will be taken care 3.B. Whether 4.C. why 5. A. can't ; must 6.C. with breathing 7. A. is larger and larger 8. C. two-fifth; have 9. C. to choose from 10. C. it's ; what(?) 11. D. more; any other 12. B. How beijing was like 13. C.

D,have access to作为他的私人助理,我有机会进入他的办公室.A,这是约翰,你们将上他的课.A,选择一部移动手机不容易,因为科技发展太迅速了.D,-我恐怕得明天才能修好

第一题,what's the matter with you表达的意思已经是发现对方有情况然后询问,可以理解为你怎么了?发生什么了?所以答案应该是C,回答我牙疼.而A选项是见面打招呼用语,how do you do?how do you do?i am fine,and you?i am fine too,


1--5 A B C C A6--10 A A C B C11--15 A B C A C

你好:2 C3 D4 C5 B 保证正确率~! 希望对你有帮助!满意请采纳!

1.can you do other things 2.My brother doesn't play soccer very well 3.I could't ride a bike tow years ago 4.What can xiaoming do? 5.Can Zhang jie sing very well? 1. I will be 5-year-old is跳芭蕾 2. I could not swim for 5 years ago 3. Wangfang is not good at flying kites 4. They are very happy to play yesterday

选A. 这句话的意思是: 昂贵的物品不一定是最好的.其他的是必要地,可能地, 有疑问地.选D 意思是:平均层次的学生都能理解


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