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With the commercial Banks information construction, the large commercial Banks have set up a relatively comprehensive service system for the processing of the bank, and the basic business erp system is used to assist in financial accounting

邀请函 invitation护照 passport照片(50*50)photo机票订单复印件 photocopy of air ticket酒店预订单复印件 photocopy of hotel booking行程单 schedule公司介绍 instroction of company营业执照复印件 photocopy of company licence身份证 ID = identification 户口本名片 business card结婚证 marriage certificate孩子出生证明 birth certificate孩子户口本资产证明 Asset certificate家庭照片 family photo

1.it becomes very popular that Chinese get married with foreigners in Shanghai.2.the invention of computer affect greatly on the development of science.3.although he is 18,he seldom realize the importance of communicating with others.

Chinese medicine refers to traditional Chinese medicine, is to study human physiology, pathology, and disease diagnosis and prevention of a subject. It carries the ancient Chinese people to fight with the disease experience and theoretical

(We) provide the most comfortable, most comprehensive, and most professional one-stop services for foreign investors in Beijing.(We) Focus on our service(We) Satisfy our

Community Sport,as an vital part in the development of our country's sports undertaking, invites more and more attention.I

good morning everybody, i'm looking forword to this interview.i'm a little nervous for this chance is very important to me. my name is XX, i'm a senior student studying in XX university and my major is electronic business. i passed the english tef6

When I was younger, parents and neighbors often ask me, growing up wants to do what? Nianguobanbai's grandfather, more concerned about the little girl, often says: granddaughter of the future must have a good career, then naive I always know

The lustration and solitude "wisdom yard"a curtilage born from the Japanese culture.

Texas transportation connections, known as the "nine days Qu up," said. Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway across Texas, the Beijing-Shanghai railway north, sout



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