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1 七年级英语下册第3-4单元重要知识点 ( 一) 有几分/有点...... kind of+形容词 一种/这种/那种..... a/this/that+ kind of +名词 1. 哪种...... what kind of+名词 各种各样的.... (all) kinds of+名词 对某人友好的 be kind to +sb. = be fri...

Sometimes there is a little snow in the south of China in winter. Water shows big dimples on her round face.

一共有六句话才对,完整版答案如下 1 What did David do last vacation? 2 Did he do anything Interesting? 3 He did his homework all day . 4 Who went to the post office? 5 Where did Tom fly a kite? 6Why did not he have dinner ye...

1 Can your brother play the guitar? 2 He can't play the piano. 3 Can you play the guitar? 4 Yes, I can sing and play the guitar. 5 Do you want to join our music club? 6 I want to show my talent.

How were you last weekend? The number of the cadles is three. I can show you around your school. The baby is so lovely that I like her very much. Jack fed the horse last month.

Wore a sweater to keep me warm.

1.Wang Fang's brother was born in May.王芳的弟弟出生在五月。(要用过去时was) 2.The girl behind the desk likes chicken best. 桌子后面的那个女孩最喜欢吃鸡肉。 3. In fact, the girl in red is not an actress.事实上,那个穿红衣服的...

海到北京 1种 北京到上海 两种 上海到南京 3种 上海到济南 4种 南京到济南 5种 南京到北京 6种 济南到北京 7种 北京到济南 8种 济南到南京9种 济南到上海10种 南京到上海11种 无了 相关知识 求小学5年级数学题 2 2013-11-17 六年级的一道关于往...

连成句子是:what is the little monkey doing?【小猴子在做什么?】 做连词成句问题时应该先弄明白词语的意思,有助于准确快速的答题

She usually has milk and bread for breakfast.


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