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你知道我指得是谁 用英语怎么说

问句的话用 do u know who i am? who do you think i am? who用来强调

What am i to you? 其实这句话如果直译,是: Who am i to you,但在英语里面如果你想表达”对你而言,我是你的谁/我是你的什么?“, 用”What am i to you?“ 会更地道:)

我指给你看 I'll show you I mean to you I mean look to your

Do you know who I am? 反问语气,霸气侧漏啊! 采纳吧?You know who I am.(你知道我是谁)

你好! 你知道我最中意的人是你 You know my favorite person is you

I can't bear you leaving. 我舍不得你离开。 I still love you so much. 我仍然深爱着你。/ 我放不下你。

I know that you do not know, you do not know that l know.Who know?

I will do as directed. I will follow your instructions. 后面一句更贴近英文表达, 但应该都是可以接受的说法

你是我见过的英语说得最好的人 You are the best English speaker I have ever seen have ever seen 见过 双语例句 It was the most violent film that I have ever seen. 这是我看过的最暴力的一部电影。

Do you know who I am?


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