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男歌手唱的一首中文歌 高潮有一句是sAy gooDByE



是我期待- -

Ours - Dizzy We ran We starved the things That feel Outback The drunken waters steal from me If we beat him down' will he stay? He's a little dizzy I feel it starting to take me Where did everybody go? I need them now To save m...

Just Can't Say Goodbye 歌手:Stephen Gately 专辑:New Beginning Just Can't Say Goodbye Here I’m standing like an open book In front of you - my page is turning Pick a chapter babe, and take a look What do you see Maybe now you’...

I Don't Want To Say Goodbye - Teddy Thompson 电影《断臂山》插曲,听听是不是这首。

the wanted - warzone,绝逼是这个

Never Say Goodbye 歌手:Bon Jovi 专辑:crossroad Never Say Goodbye Bon Jovi Crossroad As I sit in this smokey room The night about to end I pass my time with strangers But this bottle's my only friend Remember when we used to p...


Fly To The Sky--《i don't wanna say goodbye》 http://v.ku6.com/show/29fNF1JAZlwjFELX.html


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