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1、希望我今日的出席能进一步表明我方对于与贵国友好关系的重视。 2、在经济领域,目前国际形势的特点是检验对于国家关系、财富分配和经济权利的使用的传统观念。

回答: Your book made me excited./After reding your book, I felt excited. 2. You have a teacher who you are proud of. 欢迎提问,乐意解答;愿你满意, 望你采纳。

freshness and potency guaranteed through:AUG-05: 有效期至 2005 年8月。3MA0057B大概是产品编号。 这东西过期快6年了,不能用拉。

大多数潜水者都没有意识到自己的行为对鱼类照成的影响。(aware) Most divers are not aware of the influence that was brought to fish by their . 很多年后他才明白,每个人,无论强弱贫富,只要他对社会有贡献,就应该得到尊重 It was many...

I just want to know why you don't have to turn on the air conditioner Can you explain it to me?"

Forces for Local Responsiceness(FLR) (当地顾客)感应性驱动因素 Differences in market structures 市场结构差异 Differences in customer needs/tastes 顾客需求/品位差异 More sophisticated customers 更加成熟/老练/聪明的顾客 Differen...

please set your heart at rest to find him for me,all depend on you ! set one's heart at rest to do sth.放心干某事。depend on sb。全靠某人了

目前的华东大区经理,我们对他的工作表现不很满意,已经让其填写了绩效考核评定表,观察期3个月。如到期还没有改观,将处以降职为浙江专员处理。 The current regional manager, we on his job performance is not very satisfactory, have let ...

what color do you dress today?

真的真的对!!!~~ 希望有帮助喔^_^ Chanel represents a style, a timeless style, Chanel lady describes herself in the design, not constantly thinking about what to do next, but to the manner in which the performance of ourselves th...


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