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Sometimes there is a little snow in the south of China in winter. Water shows big dimples on her round face.

1.Who swims best of the three 2.Who works hardest of them

I was quiet before Now I'm very active I was short so I couldn't ride my bike well There was no old library my school Tell us about your school please

rupled to foul his man. His opponent on t


答案如下: 3) What kind of games do you like best? 你最喜欢什么类型的游戏? 4) What do you think of the Bingo game? 你觉得Bingo游戏怎么样? 5) Playing games with children is a good way to know them. 和孩子做游戏是了解他们的一种...

4.Peter always dreams he can fly 5.I often dream I can travel around the world.

Please read after me. Sit down please. Come here and clean the blackboard. Go there and stand please. Close the window plase. Dad, buy me a yo-yo please. Please listen to me carefully please. Let's play hide-and-seak. Let's not...

2,What does your English teacher look like?



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