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1.We have a job for you as a reporter. We have a job as reporter fo you .第一句更好2.We need a teacher as soon as possible.

1.They make him water the flowers every day.2.The two cities are connected by a railway.造句:1.Tom's mother makes him play the piano every morning.2.The two towns are divided by a river.

1. He helped many people, so we respect him.2. He is alone at home, so he feels lonely

1.I'm going to visit the zoo with my parents. 2.Please go and tell your new teacher about yourself.

1. he give me a gift for return my help 2. to his surprise she pass the exam

1.he often likes(应该不是kills吧?) watching TV the whole evening2.Chinese people set up a hospital in honor of the great hero.

1.find,watch,it,I,games,exciting,football. I find (that)it's exciting to watah football games.2.run,will,you,into,if,attention,trouble,pay,careful,you,not. If you do not pay attention carefully, you will run into trouble.

there are specials daily to choose from. there is a bag of potatos here.

1.It was such bad weather that I had to stay at home2.We learn English so that we may get more knowledge.

1)It is time to say goodbye to my friend.是时候跟我的朋友说再见了 2)what are you going to do there.你去那里将做什么


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