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1.take-over list 2.take_over 3.take_over 4.superviser

与某人进行交接 Make a transition with sb.

工作交接Work handover 工作交接 Work handover 工作交接 Work handover

Have a smooth transition

Documents handed over 已经移交的文件 Documents to be handed over 待移交的文件

I have done for two years on this operating post,I thanked the continuously support and help from all of you very much. Now I have to go to work in the new ship service department, Yuanlin will take the place of mine. If everyb...

由于业务员走的比较快没有交接清楚_有道翻译 翻译结果: Because the salesman go faster without handover clear clear_有道词典 clear 英 [klɪə] 美 [klɪr] n. 清除;空隙 adj. 清楚的;清澈的;晴朗的;无罪的 vt. 通过;清除...

Hello! In view of our personnel changes, A's work is now fully inherited by the B, the future of all matters of cooperation, please contact B. I look forward to working with you in the future have more cooperation in consultati...

My name is XX. It's my great honour to enter department AA/BB, i'll be taking over what DD does in the past, so, from next week onward, if there is any question about project EE, please fell free to contect me, I'll be pleased ...

翻译如下 交接仪式 handover ceremony 例句; 许多中国人一个细节都不漏地观看了交接仪式。 Many Chinese people watched the handing over ceremony without missing a single detail.


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