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你的题目不全,不是特别懂你的意思?我看之前有人也提问过,说的是假设有一个英文单词的音标为/mind/,那请问我该怎么分开读?是读mi n d 还是读min d?为啥?这个问题的答案是:英语的音标都是连起来读的,不用考虑在哪里断的问题,但是单个词时通常读成mi nd比较多,连读的时候读min d.

6. Twenty plus fifty is seventy. 7. The woman developped the company from nothing. 8. Some people found an ancient bowl in a river. 9. At first he said yes; however, he changed his mind later. 10.Some Indians visited our school yesterday.

mind 英式音标 [mand] 美式音标[mand]n. 心,精神,心力,知,智力,智慧; 心胸,头脑,人; 愿望,目的,意向,意志,决心,见解,意见; 记忆,记性,记忆力,回想;vi. 介意; 注意;vt. 介意; 专心于; 愿意做; 照顾;[例句]I'm trying to clear my mind of all this我正在努力忘掉这一切.[其他] 第三人称单数:minds 复数:minds 现在分词:minding 过去式:minded过去分词:minded

1.anther 2.remember1.joining 2.coolest1.style1.what 2.how1.Dose that mind 2.What can do for1 would rather beef tomato1.It is dangerous ride a bike on the busy steet2.Do you think there is any superdog in the world1.去掉to 2.have变为having 3.many变为much

if, whether是引导的名词从句的从属连词 1)yes-no型疑问从句 从属连词if, whether引导的名词从句是由一般疑问句或选择疑问转化而来的,因此也分别被称为yes-no型疑问句

1.--Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management?--If you make ___THE__ most of the equipment ,there will be__A___ rise in production.

一、非谓语动词 “非谓语动词”可分为动词不定式、动名词和分词.它在句子中的作用很多:除了不作谓语外,它可以充当主语、宾语、表语、定语、状语与复合宾语(主语补语或宾语补语).有些及物动词后面接不带to的不定式

A dream comes out of my mind: I hope I would have a trip to 'the Palace of Music'-Vienna and played the piano in 'the Golden Hall'.I know wa

mind英 [mand] 美 [mand] n.心,精神,心力,知,智力,智慧; 心胸,头脑,人; 愿望,目的,意向,意志,决心,见解,意见; 记忆,记性,记忆力,回想 vi.介意; 注意 vt.介意; 专心于; 愿意做; 照顾 例句: You have a good mind. 你有聪明的头脑.



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