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★精品文档★ 假期计划英语作文 50 词 五、假期安排 名 词 : vacation, summer camp , babysitting, sightseeing, fishing, renting videos, going camping, postcard, countryside, 动

假期计划英语作文50词1:A Plan for the Summer Holiday I have a happy holiday. In the holiday. I have do lots of thing. First, I make a plan. Plan about everyday life and study. My life have rule. Second, I

“面子”而拒绝店找给零钱 暑假计划英语作文 50 词 My summer holiday began on ,i plan to go to travel in my summer will travel to will go there by will travel with my mother and my

Hi!I am a happy and quiet girl.I am from Chin.I am twelve years old,I am a pupil,I am in Class Three Gread Four.I many good friends.I like many pet,the peacock panda rabbit and bird,they are lovely.I am tall ,I have around face,these are big eyes small


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