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时装秀 英语:fashion show 读法:英 [ˈfæ&am

Fashion show

My Desk-mate Jenny is my desk-mate. She is a hard

Last Sunday, our school held a fashion show at the

多少字啊? 开头介绍下表演的性质,地点,时间! 中间就是表演的内容,有那些人啊,那些风格!结尾说自己

We live in a vast universe,stardust and light part

她穿上后看起来很漂亮。 She looks very beautiful/pretty/nice i

The Youth Fashion Show 祝你的宣传板成功哦!

We can open but start watching an interesting fash

Time: on May 2, on Wednesday, fine.Morning to go s


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