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1.I am an animal kept by farmers to produce milk. 这个谜语是(奶牛/cow)2.I am known for my cleverness and cunning.这个谜语是(狡猾) (狐狸/fox)3.I have a very long neck and legs.I can eat the leaves on top of the tree. 这个谜语是 (长颈

No.1 I have forests with no trees. I have cities with no houses. I have rivers with no water. What am I ? ( ) No.2 Two little boats without any sails.With passengers on board. They don't go on the river or sea . But travel on dry land. In the day the boats

I'm almost white,my eyes is red,I like eat vagetable,my body is very small,and I'm got a small tail!SO,Who am I?(纯属自创,如有不对,请更正!) 翻译:我全身都是白的,我的眼睛是红色的,我爱吃蔬菜,我的身子很小,我还拥有一个小巧的尾巴,那么,我是谁呢?谜底:rabbits bunny(兔子)

1.What animal wears big black glasses on its face? 什么动物脸上戴个大墨镜? (Panda 熊猫)

1、What animal wears big black glasses on its face? (Panda 熊猫) 什么动物脸上戴个大墨镜? 2、I'm almost white, but the fur of my ears, eye pits are black. I live in the wild forests,I like eating bamboos! Who am I ? (Panda 熊猫) 我几乎是白的,但

I'm a soft and furry pet.I have four legs and a long tail.I have sharp teeth and claws.I like to chase mice.I am a CAT I have a little tail.My nose is called a snout.I live on a farm.I can say, "Oink-oink" I am a PIG I'm very, very big.I like to eat peanuts

原发布者:李鹏亚关于动物的英文谜语【篇一:关于动物的英文谜语】【篇二:关于动物的英文谜语】①im almost white,but the fur of my ears,eye pits are black.i live in the wild forests,i like eating bamboos!who am i我几乎是白的,但耳朵、眼窝

1.what key can run itself? 什么钥匙自己会跑? monkey. (猴) 2.what is the most difficult key to turn? 什么钥匙最难拧? donkey. (驴) 3.my name start with a c and end with an l. i live in the desert, a hard place to live. i can carry people

关于动物的英语作文-大象 Elephants Elephant is the largest animal on land today. It weights some ninety kilograms and is about one metre high when born. When it is 12 years old, it studs over three meters and does not grow any more. Elephant is

What goes on four legs in the morning,on two at noon,and on three in the evening? answer:people


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