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歌词里副歌好像有有nEvEr lEt mE 。。。go nEvEr l...

歌曲名字是 Won't Let You Fall 黑眼豆豆女主唱Fergie 唱的

heartbeats,这首英文歌.而且你打错了是不是?那是please donnot let me go.不知道对不对.希望你满意.

是the fray - never say never 歌词: some things we don't talk about rather do without and just hold the smile falling in and out of love ashamed and proud of, together all the while you can never say never while we don't know when but time and time

你好应该是never let me go 吧意思:永远不要让我离开!希望对你有帮助!

LANA DEL REY - Never Let Me Go lrc Hold me in your arms,Love me like your best friends did,Promise I won't hurt you kid,Hold me really tight until the stars look big,Never let me go.All the world is ours,Like they say in Scarface kid,You can push

Lenka - Two http://www.songtaste.com/song/2900406/

卫兰的《never let you go》the rain, just never seems to bring那场雨,似乎从未把快乐带来 the joy, i feel the sameeverlasting pain of my loss remains我依旧感到我迷失的痛 my heart, can't seem to learn to partthe hold you left the mark我的心似乎从

"Never Let Me Go" - FLORENCE + THE MACHINE Looking up from underneath Fractured moonlight on the sea Reflections still look the same to me As before I went under And it's peaceful in the deep Cathedral where you cannot breathe No

<Because I love you> <因为我爱你> If I got down on my knees and pleaded with you, 如果我跪下双膝向你恳求 If I crossed a million oceans just to be with you, 如果我横越亿万海洋 只为与你相守 Would you ever let me down? 你究竟会不会拒绝

这首歌是《变形金刚2卷土重来》里的插曲,演唱者为 The Fray.钢琴摇滚:不会让你走never say never同时,这首歌也出现在美剧《吸血鬼日记》第一季第一集之中,39分36秒开始播放的非常优美的插曲.2010年12月6日播出的《CSI:Miami


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