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today, my parents take me to qingdao. i see the beautiful blue sea. some people are playing games near the seaside, and also many people are swimming in the water. we stay in the water for about one hour and then come back to the beach for

I have rested for a week.I began to feel bored.So I went out with my friends.They are my best friends in the middle school.We didn't go to someplace special.We just saw the other.We had lunch together.While we were having lunch, we were still

1)Today is the dayof reunion of our elementary school class.We made an appointment a week agothat we would go back to our elementary school.About nine o'clock, we all gotto the school gate.The guard asked what we are going to do, and we

Last year, my father bought me a rabbit as my birthday present, I feel so happy, because I want to raise a pet for a long time. I named my rabbit Lucy, Lucy is very quiet, she likes to eat carrot, I give her small piece of carrot twice a day, she eats little.

暑假难忘的一件事 July 2 is my grand father's birthday. On that day, all of my families will get together to celebrate his birthday. This year was the same. My uncles and aunt came back from other cities. It was so alive that my grand parents were very

第一篇:THE NEWSPAPER 报 纸 Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the

如下: july 9 2009 it was the second day of our summer holiday. i felt good. i felt i am free. i had a lot of time to do things i like. my parents are in zhongshan. so i live alone but i don't feel lonely. but i didn't do something special. i stayed at home

today it is really a good day,my mother and i went to park this morning,there were much people in the park.someone palying basket ,someone walking along the river,someone reading english loudly,i am so happy to play in the park. 今天过的真不错,我和妈妈早晨去公园了,很多人都在公园里,有打篮球的,有散步的,还有大声朗读英语的,今天在公园玩的真高兴!

I was very sleepy in the morning, so i didn't go running as usual. I had something for breakfast. My new day has begun. The results would come out today. My classmates all felt very nervous, so did I. Then one of my classmates called me, and

就写写每天做了什么呀,老师估计也不会自习看的,相信我.比如这样: It's a very sunny and hot day. I woke up with the light shining on my bed. 'What a wonderful day!' I thought. I planned to finish my maths homework in a day. But I just couldn't help playing computer. .. Blah blah blah不懂的可以问~



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