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现在可以用right now刚才可以用just nowright是副词

刚才:just now; a moment ago; a short while ago a few minutes ago 现在:right now at the moment at present nowadays

刚才 just now (just) a moment ago现在 now at present

just now 刚才 大多放句子结尾 用于一般过去时 just 刚才 一般放主语之后 用于一般过去时或现在完成时 at once/immediately 马上 大多放句子结尾 at present/now/at the moment/ nowadays 现在,现今 大多放句子开头或结尾

just ;just now;a moment ago;a short while ago;a while back;right a minute ago.

at once,right away,right now马上at present,at the moment现在just now,a while back,a moment ago刚才用法简单来说都可以放句末.

表示发生的英语有 happen表示偶然发生 短语有take place不是偶然的 还有occur比较通用

now(现在), right now(现在,马上,带有催促的意味), at the moment(此刻),at this very moment(此时此刻), for the moment(目前), at present(现在,目前),currently(现在), nowadays(当下,当今) 就懂这么多,看能不能帮到你

表示“因为”的短语有:because, because of ,since,for the reson of表示“结果”的短语有:then,result,the result is..

我有一个笔记本都是这些东西呢 给你说几个吧 1,all的all by oneself单独地 all the best万事如意 all but =all most几乎 all in all总的来看,最珍惜的 all the more 更加 all of a sudden=all at once =suddenly突然地 above all尤为重要的是 after all毕竟 for all



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