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呵呵,来凑个热闹哈: I will try best to win (back) so much time as possible.

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To avoid chaos (keep consistency), it is required by the Bank that the English name of payment should be the same. As per the Agreement, the word "money" in the draft version should be revised to the word "payment".

负责客户方雇员的入、离职手续办理 Responsible for client employee into, quit formalities 提供入离职手续等政策咨询与解答 The exit procedure provides such policy advice and answer 系统数据维护 System data maintenance


1 Hello,my name isXXX,may I ask if my application for the pick-up service at the airport on 1st May and the drop-off service on 14th May has been confirmed?my reservation number isXXX 2 Hello,my name isXXX,may I ask how I can k...

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Next week the wife from my friend will put the money on your account in china. 下周我朋友的妻子将把钱打入中国的户头上。 Let me see one time more all your datas what you have send me for your account. 让我再检查一遍你发给我的帐...

1,李华今年已经坐飞机去西藏三次了。 2 威尔逊夫人不在,她去干洗店了。 3 简写完了信去花园散步了。 4 杰克的腿摔断了,我们必须停止踢球马上送他去医院。 5 在中国最流行的运动是什么?篮球,足球还是乒乓球?

一楼英语有待加强(要么就是汉语理解不足),二楼绝对是软件翻的。 找你的网页实在是太难了。 It was so hard to find your website. 从今以后,我每天会5条发消息给你,我相信有一天你一定会看到的。 From now on, everyday I will send you 5 me...


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