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Please inform me when the payment has been done, thank you. 付款后请告诉我,谢谢 When will be the best time in this week for your company to process the payment? 请告诉我贵公司可以在本周几付款? 我上面两个是比较正式书面的回答,...

Thank the person how helped me. 这句话虽然看起来简单,但最好用定语从句,因为感谢和帮助是不同主题做出的不同动作。help这里用一般过去式,表示曾经帮助过我。

呵呵,来凑个热闹哈: I will try best to win (back) so much time as possible.

负责客户方雇员的入、离职手续办理 Responsible for client employee into, quit formalities 提供入离职手续等政策咨询与解答 The exit procedure provides such policy advice and answer 系统数据维护 System data maintenance

你是在安装什么软件的时候看到的吧? 第一个是参加匿名的客户体验计划,是软件推荐的,其实就是收集一些你在使用过程中的信息,然后用来改善软件的今后版本。 第二个就是不参加。

Thank you help me to correct mistakes

I'm sorry my final score does not reach the school's requirements. But I have received the official admission notice from another university, so I request that you can send a release letter to me thank you!

一楼英语有待加强(要么就是汉语理解不足),二楼绝对是软件翻的。 找你的网页实在是太难了。 It was so hard to find your website. 从今以后,我每天会5条发消息给你,我相信有一天你一定会看到的。 From now on, everyday I will send you 5 me...

卡特里娜你上次好像也叫我哥哥了 嗯?是那样吗~ 你和宋哥现在已不是订婚的关系了,所以叫法也应该换一个了 所以才那样阿~ 阿阿~所以是那样!! 难..难道你不知道吗?!? 我只是来问一声早安而已 闯.. 闯祸了

Originally I was really in love with you By your heart To you I really want to and you never separate I love you Will you give me all his life to arrange Let me again being led to hold your hand and you xinxin heart together Th...


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