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呵呵,来凑个热闹哈: I will try best to win (back) so much time as possible.

1: To do or not to do, your own choice 2: Hey, why don't you answer my phone? 3: Liar, you are all liars, it's all fake. 4: Hurry up! 5: I would like to dedicate this film to us who busy living in a busy city

负责客户方雇员的入、离职手续办理 Responsible for client employee into, quit formalities 提供入离职手续等政策咨询与解答 The exit procedure provides such policy advice and answer 系统数据维护 System data maintenance

what a long and rough day!

the black one you wanted was sold out, so we sent you a blue one. thanks for your comprehension. every day is a happy day to you

I'm sorry my final score does not reach the school's requirements. But I have received the official admission notice from another university, so I request that you can send a release letter to me thank you!

1) There is only a little left to finish. 2) I'll give it to you later. 3) I will finish it by today. Don't worry/Trust me.

1, I believe you must have heard the song of Liuyang river. My house is located in the Liuyang river. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, so also known as mountain. 2, do you still remember the opening ceremony ...


1. Strong peserverance is one of his personal quality. 2. A new plan was put forward in the meeting. 3. We come to the conclusion that the super star will not come. 4. Yao Ming is good at playing basketball. 5. He decides to at...


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