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Now Beijing Team's certificate is sent to you on file? Or don't have to send? 望采纳!

Dear friends, Please take your 2013 annual leave before the 2014 Spring Festival. Please HURRY to make the Arrangement. And send the application by Portal as soon as you can. Thank you for your Cooperation. Best Regards

1.就是在大学里他养成了熬夜的习惯。(It) It was in the university that he formed the stay-up habit. 2.把食物存放在冰箱里,这样食物就不会变质了。(and) Keep the food in the fridge and it won't be unsound 3.他肯定已经忘了通知大家会...

1.It's really a wonder that he is still alive after fell from the top of a 10-floor-house. 2.Although the westchina is rich in natural resourse, it is short of talented person. 3.We are trying to construct beautiful city by tre...

The 30-days free case usage period is agreed and we've confirmed with the shipment company. The current problem is the container's guarantee deposit of destination port. If the entry of tow truck is all operated by your company...

Dear Jo, Is your 2000 dollars included in the 8000 dollars that William has paid me? Thank you. (落款)

Attached please find the revised contract for your reference. If you agree, I will send it to the landlord for signing.

eveybody:(或 To every leader) Please update your own project schedule, let me know if there are any changes. 这样最简单

Please contact our HK IT Tomas directly.He will help you with this issue. Dear Tomas, Can you help Jerry to settle the problem that he met? Jerry has submitted application form for Business Trips on Portal recently.But it alway...


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